Why shop ethical?

Why shop ethically?

Shopping ethically and sustainability within the fashion industry is challenging. The fast fashion industry saturates the retail channel with so much product that it eclispes access to sustainable clothing. Finding true organic, sustainable and ethical clothing brands is proven to be difficult – especially with the significant amounts of greenwashing you will find throughout the retail channel. However here at Organic Crew, we are completely transparent about our entire process from seed to store, to ensure our customers receive high quality ethical clothing.

Shopping ethical is incredibly important for a series of reasons. Ethical companies ensure their production lines include quality working standards with acceptable wages and environments. Less is more,  so by reducing the volume of garments in our production lines we deliver a key positive impact to shopping sustainably. There are less emissions from production and transportation. Shopping locally also improves on this, you support your local community by sourcing close to home.

Ethical sourcing and production reduces negative impact on the environment. Lower emissions and avoiding harsh chemical processes means there is no compromise on the planet or the animals. This links to our lifetime cycle of our clothes, in which they are 100% biodegradable. Our clothing has no plastics at all so can be buried and they will biodegrade and nourish the soil. This is why we dedicate ourselves to producing only ethical and sustainable garments.

Invest in organic, sustainable and ethical clothing that is long lasting and good for the people, the planet and the animals.