Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Step into the world of sustainable fashion with Organic Crew, where we believe that style should not come at the expense of the planet. We're unravelling the magic of organic cotton and why investing in organic basics is a choice that resonates with both your wardrobe and the environment.


1. The Organic Difference:

Organic cotton stands apart from conventional cotton, grown sustainably and naturally. It's free from harmful toxins and remains non-genetically modified, fostering a farming approach that enhances the environment rather than depleting it.

2. GOTS Certification:

At Organic Crew, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) approved cotton. Dive into the world of GOTS certification, ensuring that our organic cotton is of the highest quality, leaving no negative impact on the environment or its caretakers.

3. Sustainable Farming Practices:

Grown in India on small plots under optimal conditions, our cotton is positioned to receive the right balance of sunlight and rainwater, promoting soil health and biodiversity.

4. Environmental Benefits:

From sustainable production and enhanced soil health to significantly reduced water usage compared to conventional cotton, investing in organic cotton is a positive stride towards a greener future.

5. Social Impact:

By improving the quality of life for those involved in the supply and manufacturing of cotton, the positive impact extends beyond environmental considerations to the very heart of communities and towns.

6. Personal Well-being:

With no toxins, our 100% organic cotton ensures a gentle touch, contributing to healthier, happier skin. Plus, the longevity of our Organic Crew garments ensures they'll remain a timeless part of your wardrobe for years, not just a season.


Investing in organic cotton basics is a commitment to elegance, comfort, and sustainability. As you adorn yourself in Organic Crew, you're not just wearing a garment; you're making a statement for a better, more conscious fashion future. Join us in the journey toward organic style, where fashion meets responsibility.