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Why are Organic Crew garments different?

All of our garments are made using 100% organic cotton in Melbourne, Australia. As a Melbourne based brand, we value local production, as it enables us to ensure it meets our expectations and ethical requirements.

Many brands who manufacture clothing and even ‘organic cotton’ garments often do this overseas to save costs. Unfortunately and more often than not, wages and the working conditions of the factories are not acceptable. In the past, there have been a devastating number of incidences which have resulted in the death and injury of factory workers from poor conditions and bad factory infrastructure.

When we founded Organic Crew, we simply were not prepared to compromise the health of our workers or the planet for our brand. Therefore, we made the choice to manufacture our garments within an hour of our homes, so we can oversee every development stage of production.

We are committed to offering consumers the opportunity to make ethical and considered choices when it comes to the source of their clothing. We believe small change can make a big difference and being informed is the first step.

Where and How are Organic Crew garments made?

All of the cotton we use for Organic Crew garments is grown at a globally certified (GOTS) organic cotton farm in India. The cotton yarn is then shipped to Australia where it is milled in the factory, then sent to a local sewing house (that was established over 30 years ago) then sewn into our garments and sent straight to us.

Our garments are made by valued workers, whom are treated with respect and paid correctly which is reflected in the quality of each of our pieces. We regularly visit our factory and love to catch up and check- in with our factory workers.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is farmed in a way that utilises sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It also ensures the crops aren’t treated with any harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or Genetically Modified Organisms.

Certified organic cotton has a lower carbon footprint and uses less water, energy and fuel to produce. It also decreases the risk of exposure to chemical related disease for the farm workers and the risk of contaminated land and water.

Organic cotton is also recommended for those with skin and chemical sensitivity.

Now is the time to make positive change. One of our philosophies is ‘harmony with nature, combined with human health and respect for our planet’ and we are committed to not only creating a brand, but a movement.

If you would like to read more about the production of organic textiles, we invite you to head to: Organic Certification