Wear your values

Wear your values

Do you ever consider where your clothes came from?

Where they were made?

By whom?

What resources were required for this garment to be on my body?

All of these are important questions to consider while shopping; to take into account both ethical and environmental implications.

Fast fashion consumption has saturated the fashion industry, with micro trends plastered through social media pumping unnecessary materialism. Today high consumption rates have become the norm, and we take for granted readily available clothing. But our clothes hold stories and a journey. Garments can go through processes that negatively impact the environment, the animals and the people. If the damaging processes were broadcasted to you, would you want to wear that item? 

By wearing accredited sustainable and ethical clothing made with organic materials, you are making a difference. By advocating with your purchasing vote for better quality clothing. Organic Crew evolved from passion and purpose. A passion to educate others on the importance of making ethical choices and a purpose to make a difference somewhere and somehow. It is our mission to encourage people to ask the questions “who made my clothes?”, “where did they come from?” and “what was used to make them?” With education and knowledge comes great power and we are committed to sharing our story with as many people as possible.

Wear the change you want to see. Wear your values.