On this World Cotton Day

On this World Cotton Day

On this World Organic Cotton Day, we celebrate the development of sustainable practices with organic cotton. However, also advocate for further education and improvements. Organic cotton has immediate benefits compared to conventional cotton on the environment, the people, and your body.

Cotton is the most widely grown and manufactured products on the planet. Conventional cotton uses roughly 16% of the world's insecticides and 7% of pesticides. Cotton blends with fabrics such as polyester, acrylic or nylon contain microplastics. Meaning your clothes are short lasting and exporting plastic toxins to your skin. 

Organic cotton is grown sustainably and naturally, without the use of nasty toxins and are not non-genetically modified as conventional cotton can be. Farmers use fewer harming practices whilst farming organic cotton to improve the environment and in fact replenish its soil and biodiversity. Our cotton we use at Organic Crew is GOTS approved, a certified body that certifies only the highest quality of organic cotton production that does not negatively impact the environment or the people. Our cotton is grown in India on small plots that suit the best conditions for growth, in specific positions to ensure the right amount of sunlight and rain water is naturally achieved.

The benefits of organic cotton is extensive from the planet to yourself as an individual. Environmentally, organic cotton production is sustainable with the promotion of soil health and fertility. As well as much much less water usage than conventional cotton uses. Organic cotton is 100% biodegradable, so each garment will successfully compost in the soil with no traces left behind. Socially, choosing organic cotton improves the quality of life within communities to supply and manufacture cotton. The improvement of the environment also positively impacts communities and towns. Personally, organic cotton is extremely better for your skin, being 100% organic, this will not leave any toxins on your skin. Organic cotton is long lasting and our Organic Crew garments will last you years - not a season.

On this World Cotton Day, begin to think about the impacts of purchasing conventional cotton garments at low prices. And transition your thoughts to purchasing organic cotton to improve the quality of the environment, the people and yourself.