Clean Coast Collective x ORGANIC CREW

Clean Coast Collective x ORGANIC CREW

A beach clean up.

Harmony with nature, combined with human health and respect for the planet is one of the philosophies of Organic Crew. We are passionate about making a difference and prioritise collaborating with those who have aligned beliefs and share the same vision.

When the opportunity came for Organic Crew to partner with the Clean Coast Collective for their signature conservation project, it was an opportunity that we were beyond excited to work together on.  

Every year, the Clean Coast Collective take a group of creative and inspiring Australians known as the ‘Trash Tribe’ on journeys to clean up some of Australia’s most polluted beaches. This year, the Trash Tribe have ventured to the Cape York Peninsula on a mission to remove over 3.1 tonnes of coastal pollution from Chilli Beach. 

Once the Trash Tribe have completed their week-long journey, it is their mission to share the experience with the community and spread the message of ocean pollution and plastic waste far and wide.

Australian beaches are continually compromised by the astronomical amount of rubbish dumped in the ocean and surrounding areas, causing devastating detriment to the marine life and water quality. The main culprits are plastic bags, bottles and debris which take up to 400 years to breakdown.

This year’s Chilli Beach Trash Tribe includes:
Georgia, Brisbane – Economics Masters student
Matthew, Brisbane – Intrepid Landcare Leader
Steph, Sunshine Coast – Founder of eco-swimwear label, Oceanzen
Luke, Gold Coast – Graphic Designer
Caitlin, Central Coast NSW – Teacher
Libby, South Coast NSW – Founder of Boomerang Bags Eurobodalla branch
Jemma, Perth – Photographer
Mish, Byron Bay – Photographer
Portia, Sydney – Musician
Harriet, Sydney – Graphic Designer

Organic Crew was fortunate enough to provide the Trash Tribe with custom printed organic cotton tees for the project as well as be a key partner for the cause. We are immensely proud to be part of a movement that represents passion, purpose and education.
We believe small change can make a big difference and it is our mission to continually empower and educate others on the importance of protecting our beautiful planet.  We will be sharing more of the experience of the Trash Tribe once they have returned from Chilli Beach.
In the meantime, to learn more about the Trash Tribe and their conservation initiatives, please head to the website:

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