Our organic materials

Our organic materials

At Organic Crew we create sustainable, ethical and long-lasting clothing. We strictly use organic and natural fabrics and trims, that don’t compromise the people or the planet.

Our production is ethical and fully transparent.  Most of our product is manufactured locally in Melbourne, and the factories we use in India and Nepal are fully ethically certified, prioritising the people and the environment, to ensure we leave no mark.

Our cashmere is made in Nepal using a manufacturer fully involved through the entire process, from rearing the goats through to final production to ensure the entire process upholds sustainable and ethical practices. With climate change an environment under pressure and fast fashion infiltration, cashmere quality has significantly declined. As a result we find that cashmere quality has declined being rougher and are short lasting. Organic Crew’s cashmere is 100% pure with full transparency of cashmere production, ensuring high quality, long lasting luxurious clothing.

The cotton we use is 100% organic, and we oversee the entire production from seed to store ensuring sustainable and ethical practices. Our cotton is GOTS approved, which is recognised as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles. This ensures the plants are grown organically manufacturing is environmentally and socially responsible. Organic cotton is best for your body, with no microplastics or other toxins within the fabric to harm your skin. We also produce an organic cotton brushed fleece, for an extra soft touch.

Our cool wool is 100% organic Australian merino wool, both the yarn and product made sustainably here in Melbourne. All our organic yarn is manufactured with 100% organic ingredients and sustainable dyes only, in compliance with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), and made sustainably and ethically locally.