About Our Liberty Puff Sleeve Sweater

About Our Liberty Puff Sleeve Sweater

Who else has a nostalgic crush on Liberty fabrics from childhood? We certainly do! 

When we discovered that Liberty were creating beautiful, premium, gots certified, organic cotton fabrics, milled in northern Italy, we got really excited. 

I for one grew up with a lot of Liberty in my life. My mother was a massive fan and I was frequently dressed in Liberty ruffled lapels, flowing floral dresses and loads of very pretty and colourful flowers. It couldn’t be just any florals, it had to be authentic Liberty fabrics, of course! There the love affair started. 

So how to choose … Liberty’s archives are vast and amazing so this was the next extremely challenging task.. what print to choose? 
We explored the Liberty fabrics, colours and potential designs for many months due to being slowed down by the pandemic. We wanted to find the best possible, all-natural fabric that was gots certified, and that we could sample with first. 

We decided on a print named ‘Mitsi’ designed by Gillian Farr, a member of Liberty’s studio in the 1950’s, referencing Liberty’s historic appreciation for Japanese arts. Retaining its delicate clusters of cherry blossom, it was brought up to date in 2008 and then joined the Classics range in 2011.

Liberty fabrics started the Classics collection in 1979, in order to champion the most well known and iconic designs from the Liberty archive. The collection offers reworked and recoloured interpretations of their most quintessential Liberty heritage designs – including Art Nouveau motifs, paisley prints, scenic landscapes and ditsy florals. 

This fabric is printed in Italy, just outside Lake Como… 

We are delighted to release the first of our Liberty fabric creations – the Mitsi Puff Sleeve Sweater, with limited availability. This collection has been created by local designer, Chelsea Hinde who added extra femininity in each piece with the puffed details.
Our plan is to create a capsule collection that features an eclectic mix of Liberty fabrics based on our customers interest. Look out for the complete collection launching in 2022.

- Mel 
OC Founder


A model wearing our blue, blossom printed Liberty Puff Sleeve Sweater